Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you still bulk bill?

Yes, we bulk bill everyone who has a valid Medicare card.

2. Can I make an appointment?

No. We do not take appointment. This is a walk-in clinic. First-come first-serve. As long as you come before our closing time or last walk in time (whichever is earlier), you will definitely be seen by the doctor.

3. What is your current waiting time?

On average 30-60 minutes or less. If you can, please avoid our daily opening and closing times as well as lunch times.

4. Can I see the doctor if I don’t have a valid Medicare card?

Yes. A fee is payable to see the doctor.


5. Are you a direct billing medical provider for private insurance?

Yes we direct bill NiB, Allianz OSHC and BUPA overseas student insurance. However a gap fee is applicable.


6. What kind of doctors are you?

We are general practitioners aka GP. We practice all aspects of family medicine including childhood immunisations. We also perform pre-employment medicals. However, we DO NOT provide the following services:

prescribing of any drugs of addiction, narcotics, sleeping tablets or medicinal cannabis,

medical legal report (car accident, domestic violence, work injury, insurance),

report writing of any Centrelink form,

report writing of any insurance form,

endorsement of Immunisation Exemption Conscientious Objection form,

back dating of a medical certificate, and

referral for termination of pregnancy.

7. Any parking on site?

Yes. We have several parking bays on site at the Burswood's Clinic. Free parkings at the Claremont's clinic are available at the Times Square (2 hours free parking, access to car park via St Quentin Ave) and the Claremont Quarter (3 hours free parking, access to car park via Gugeri Street or Divers Link).


8. Do you have any allied health provider onsite?

Yes. We have an onsite Perth Pathology collection centre at the Burswood and Claremont clinics. Psychologist, Dr David Malkin, is available onsite at the Claremont's Clinic.


9. Can you tell me my test results over the phone or email?

No. For security and privacy reasons, we can not disclose your test results over the phone or email. You will need to come back to see the doctor.


10. Do I need to pay if the doctor refers me for blood tests or Xrays?

Yes. A fee may be payable for those third party medical services (eg. pathology test, imaging, or specialist consultation).


11. Do you provide emergency care?

Emergencies will be seen, although for more severe acute emergencies we would suggest you attend an emergency department at any of the hospitals that provide such a service. If you are experiencing chest pains, difficulty breathing or stroke symptoms: CALL 000 FOR AN AMBULANCE


12. Do you provide telephone calls and electronic communications?

As telephone calls interrupt consultations and inconvenience patients in the surgery, our doctors prefer not to receive phone calls during consultations, though doctors will try to return all calls if required. Often the reception or available nursing staff can be of assistance. If you have an extremely urgent matter, please advise the receptionist, and a doctor or nurse will be contacted promptly. You can contact the practice for non-urgent matters by email, and all electronic communication is replied to in a timely fashion. If email communication is thought not to be the most optimal (such as provision of sensitive confidential medical information without prior authorisation) you will be contacted by the staff and offered other means of communication such as an appointment in person.


13. Do you provide recalls and reminders?

Our practice has a recall and reminder system, and you may receive an email, letter, or phone call as an alert for an upcoming or follow-up appointment. You may opt-in or opt-out by simply informing one of our staff. If your condition is serious and we are unable to contact you, you may receive reminders from state and national registers.


14. What is your practice privacy policy?

This practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information. This practice maintains security of personal health information at all times and ensures that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. All personal health information recorded by your doctor is kept strictly confidential. Records are kept up to date and as accurate as possible. Please see our reception staff if you wish to obtain a copy of our privacy policy.


15. Do you provide transfer of record?

If you are joining our practice and would like a copy of your previous records transferred to our practice, our reception staff can arrange this. If you would like a copy of your records from our practice to be supplied to another practice, again our reception staff can arrange this. An administrative charge may be applied for transfer of records out.


16. What can I do if I need medical attention during after-hour periods?

If you require medical assistance after-hour and public holidays, we would recommend you ring the clinic's phone number (see Contact Us) and follow the instructions. A fee is payable. Our doctor may be able to come out to see you. The fee charges vary according to the time of consult and the length of the consult.

Free health advice is also available 24 hours a day by calling healthdirect on 1800 022 222.

For serious life-threatening conditions dial triple zero (000) to call an ambulance, or for urgent medical care visit a hospital's Emergency Department.


17. How can I provide feedback?

To improve our service, we welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have about the running of the practice. There is a suggestion box at the practice, or you can provide feedback in person, via phone, or by email. Please see the contact us page for details. Any of the staff are happy to be contacted to discuss any problems or suggestions you may have. However, if you feel you need to discuss a problem outside the practice, the government funded body for dealing with health complaints in WA is:

Health & Disability Services Complaints Office
GPO Box B61
Perth WA 6038

Tel: 6551 7600


18. Do you provide home visit?

Home visits are provided to our regular patients who are very ill and are unable to attend the surgery. Please let us know early in the day so the doctor can arrange his/her time to meet your needs. The costs of home visits are charged and has to be settled at the conclusion of the consultation.






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